Who Made The Bigger Mistake Last Year?

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Who Made The Bigger Mistake Last Year?

Willie Warren or Craig Brackins?

Last year, at this time both of those names were in the 2009 NBA Draft, as mid-lottery picks, but both decided to stay in school for another year, since then both of there stocks have plummeted drastically.

With Blake Griffin in OU, Warren often got fed on the double teams, without Blake drawing double teams, Warren has proved himself unable to get his own shot as consistently. And also the addition of Tommy Mason-Griffin, a ball dominant PG, hasn't made anything much easier...

And then theres Craig Brackins, who last year was a solid rebounder, with a jumpshot,and ready had no real reason to return to Iowa State, they werent contenders, and the future wasn't looking much brighter...

Now both are considering declaring this year, and are both projected to go in the 2nd round of this year..

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It's not like either of

It's not like either of these guys are going to be NBA stars anyway.

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Brackins did....and here's why

Willie Warren was going to be a top 10 pick had he declared last season, but returned because it looked like OU would be good on paper and he was slightly inefficient and a tweener. Little did he know, Tommy Mason-Griffin and Keith Gallon would play like they were in the NBA already and clearly had other agendas besides winning. He also fell victim of this too, taking bad shots and playing 1-on-5. Hurt his stock, no doubt about it.

Brackins came back for God knows what reason. Even though Gilstrap is a decent NBA prospect he probably never thought Gilstrap would be as good as he is, and even though PG Diante Garrett is a borderline prospect, they were NOT title or even NIT level pieces for this season. He made the stupider decision, because he had no reason to come back at all. Iowa State was going nowhere, and there is only so much you can prove if your team sucks, to prove your worth to an NBA team. He proved all of that last year. I do think that the team that drafts him in the late 1st will be getting a very nice and versatile scorer in the mold of Charlie Villanueva.

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I never really considered

I never really considered Willie Warren a good NBA prospect.

He's undersized as a SG and does not have a PG game at all. He reminded me of Ben Gordon (with less talent) who I also didn't like that much. I was surprised to see Ben Gordon suck so badly this year though.

Warren was considered to be a lottery pick last year and the fact that the 2009 draft was considered to be a weak draft (although I didn't really see it that way, at least I thought it's better than 2006), it was a big mistake for him to return to school. The fact that all OU players have their own special agenda and not playing as a team really hurt his draft stock.

I was never impressed with Brackins, especially he's old for his class. Not sure why he returned last year and he really got nothing to prove. This year he only proves to the scouts that he hasn't improved from last year and might have even regressed. I think he may be drafted in the 2nd round and probably won't stick in the NBA.

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