Who will be the "What the [email protected]#$ were they thinking?" early entrants of this draft?

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Who will be the "What the [email protected]#$ were they thinking?" early entrants of this draft?

In the past there have been players that decided to leave college behind for the NBA only to be left out in the cold after the draft and sometimes even after summer league.In recent years players such as paul harris, daniel hackett, eric devendorf, davon jefferson, jamont gordon, shawn james have all followed this road. Its probably way too early to tell but from the rumors or news you have heard who else might be added to this hall of shame?

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Ater Majok

He declared without hiring an agent last year before playing one minute at UCONN. Now if he declares, he's in to stay. I have a feeling that this guy's impression of himself is highly, highly inflated, so I think there's a good chance he enters his name again.

On a related note, I read somewhere last year that an unnamed NBA scout said that Majok was "5 years away from being 5 years away". Classic.

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I was very high on jamont

I was very high on jamont gordon. He did well in the summer league the last 2 years but still hasn't caught on anywhere. I believe he is still in europe somewhere.

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