Do you think Ebanks comes out?

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Do you think Ebanks comes out?

His stock has taken a pretty big hit but will rise in the tourney , do you think he comes out? Im asking cause iono if I want him in my mock

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I think he stays another

I think he stays another year, Da'Sean Butler took him out of the spotlight a lot as did Kevin Jones. I do think he will have a huge role in the team next year, and will be a lottery pick in the 2011 draft.

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Clippers should take him.

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He would be perfect with the

He would be perfect with the Clippers.

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I don't

I don't know why, but most scouting/draft services still have him in the top 20 or so, so he would be a fool not to come out and steal some money.

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I don't think he will.

His stock is too jumpy and he moves up and down on the boards too much. I think Huggs will get him to stay, and he'll work on his core strength and jumpshot. I don't think anything less than a unanimously projected lottery pick will convince him to leave/

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He should come out. If WV

He should come out. If WV goes deep in the tourney he has a chance to improve his stock significantly. Not to mention the NBA may be in a lockout next season so get the money while you can.

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