Congrats St. Mary!!!

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Congrats St. Mary!!!

That was a hell of a game...Not the biggest St. Mary's fan, but I was rooting for them all the way...It was really just a great game and St. Marys responded very well with Villanova's run. Scottie Reynolds stock dropped considerably the past 1-2 months and I wouldn't be suprised if he didn't get drafted.

Say want you want about Sahman as an NBA prospect, but he is one hell of a college player and proved it against a very good Villanova team...Think he had 32-34 and could've easily had more if they didn't front him the entire 2nd half...

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wow i am so impressed with

wow i am so impressed with him.... i always hated him and thought he was a lump of shit, to be honest i cant remember seeing a post dominate a game like this in a while. So used to seeing the kobes lebrons and guard players take control of games but man on man he dominated inside....THE GUY HAS TO BE AT LEAST DRAFTED

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