Jordan Williams

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Jordan Williams

this kid has alot of potential.. he has good footwork can get up and down the floor and average-good athletic ability. of course hes not a first rounder next year but he is a future first rounder. one of those guys who people kinda overlook as afreshman but ends up being a all conference or all american by the time they are ready to leave college...and if he ever decides to wuit basketball he can be a drake stunt double

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Yea he has some long-term

Yea he has some long-term potential. I think he can be a similar prospect to Al Horford in 2 or 3 years.

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I don't know

About Al Horford...But yeah, he will be a first rounder eventually. Really underrated athlete who can rebound and bang.

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Yea i like his game...He's

Yea i like his game...He's improved alot from the beginning of the year.....Only thing he really needs to improve on is his explosiveness.

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