Average but deep draft.

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Average but deep draft.

What kind of draft do you guys think it is?

I think it's an average draft with 1 superstar caliber player (Wall)
And 1 probable superstar (Turner)
And a couple of good players and some of them may be a star (Basically everyone from 3-15)

But in a draft where you get Collins, Vasquez, Harangody, Scheyer, Koshwal, Sidney Harris, Gates, Pittman, Butler, Booker and maybe Singler.. in the 2nd round.. I'd say it's a deep draft. 2nd round is full of future gems that can become pretty solid starters on a decent team.

Koshwal has what it takes to be a complete defensive steal.. And Singler, Butler, Booker, and Collins can be very good players in the next level because of their work ethic, heart, and basketball IQ.

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I actually think it is like

I actually think it is like last year draft but mainly with power forwards. There are a lot of guys coming out that have star potential. Last year draft may wind up better only because Monroe, Davis, Warren return but it will be a nice draft and better than average.

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