Jordan Crawford (Xavier)

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Jordan Crawford (Xavier)

Absolutely dominated Minnesota in every offensive way possible for 28 points, 7 reb, 5 ast...What do you guys think of his draft status, possible late first rounder in whatever year he comes out? He is a third year sophomore after sitting out his transfer year from Indiana. He averaged 19pts, 5 reb, 3 asts this year and seems to have some of the same offensive arsenal his brother Jamal he dunked on Lebron (haha), whats your take??

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Was just about to post about

Was just about to post about him. Im thinking he is JR Smith without the headcase. I think hes the real deal. I think with a good rest of the tourney he could go in the mid-late first round. I'm real worried about what he might do to my Pitt Panthers. If he does enter the NBA you better believe he is #1 on LeBrons hit list.

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I think that if he continues to play the way he's playing, he'll be a first round pick. If he were to enter this draft this year right now, he'd be drafted but he'll need more great games so that more scouts and executives can take notice.

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He's no JR Smith...He's more

He's no JR Smith...He's more like Flip Murray or Willie Green. He scored well in the 2nd half and knocked down some big time shots, but I don't like him as anything more than a bench scoring threat in the NBA. Not a really good bench scorer, but one who can get 7 or 8 ppg at his best.

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he's not Jamal Crawford's

he's not Jamal Crawford's brother...He's Joe Crawford brother who played for UK and bounced around the NBA...Im happy for Jordan.He was a real sparkplug at Indiana when he played behind Eric Gordon!

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I agree, he can be a JR

I agree, he can be a JR Smith type.

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What he has to show scout is

What he has to show scout is that he shows some sort of discretion in his shot selection. Sometimes he's a guy who just out there jacking away with no regard. But if he can play in control and make good decisions, he's a guy we should watch out for. I think he'd be better served playing another year at least just to round out his game. We saw the best of Jordan Crawford today, but there's also some things about his game that leave you scratching your head sometimes. I know scouts would like to also see him play some point guard with a little more regularity to see how much potential he has there. But this guy is strictly a scoring guard who when he's hot, he's hot.

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I missed that game, I hope

I missed that game, I hope Tubby Smith didn't tell Nike reps to destroy the tape of the game so no one will know how much Crawford blew up.

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