Player who may go pro from tournament performance

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Player who may go pro from tournament performance

I think with all the hype surrounding John Wall, his counter-part Eric Bledsoe gets overshadowed . But I think with an excellent performance thoughout the tourney and a national title he may leave too ..... So don't be surprised if he bolts, JUST KNOW YOU HEARD IT FROM ME 1st. .

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SHYLO3716..Dude..where have

SHYLO3716..Dude..where have u been? everyone on this site who follows college basketball has said that about Bledsoe since January...Some folks in Kentucky say that it's 60/40 he's going pro..But i hope he remains in school..If he comes back next year and work on a few things..He'll be a top 5 pick..If he comes out this year..With the lack of quality point guards available..He'll be drafted in the 12 to 25 range..Memphis & Indiana would love to have him on their team..

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