Durant: Harden was and is the right fit for the Thunder.

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Durant: Harden was and is the right fit for the Thunder.

I recently asked Kevin Durant if Harden was a good pick for the Thunder. “I think he was,” he says. “Those other guys are more suited to have the ball in their hands all the time—they’re point guards. James is the perfect guy because he can play different roles. He’s a guy who can come off the bench and score a lot or can start and score a lot for us. We got the perfect guy. A versatile guy who can do a lot on the floor: pass the basketball, score, shoot it and get to the rim. Everything. I’m glad we picked him. He’s a great teammate and someone you love to have around your locker room. Whatever we have asked of him, he has done.”

This season, the 6-5 Harden—out for the next two weeks after tweaking his hamstring—has played about 23 mpg, posting averages of 10 points, 3 rebounds and 2 assists.

The play of Tyreke Evans, Brandon Jennings and Stephen Curry have some questioning whether or not the Thunder would have been better off if they passed on Harden. Clearly, the emergence of Russell Westbrook at point guard was a major factor in their selection. His promise has the Thunder believing they are set at PG for years to come. Curry is a tougher call—he can play both guard positions and is a likely fit in any system.

That being said, OKC got a damn good player in Harden. They believe he was the right choice for a number of reasons. First off, he accepts his role as a sub. Before games, it’s Harden who goes around to the Thunder starters, trying to pump them up with words of encouragement. During games, he is tJames Hardenhe first player off the bench to greet his teammates. These are instances that will never show up in a box score but for a young team like the Thunder, they’re extremely important. He works hard on the defensive end and is much more athletic than I initially thought. On the offensive end, he’s always in attack mode and can disrupt defenses with his jumper or drives to the basket.

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He's the perfect fit.. He

He's the perfect fit.. He can spot up and knock down 3s consistently .. They don't need him to be a star in years to come, they don't need him to be a playmaker, They just need someone who can spot up. They already have a PG, SF, and PF.. All they needed was a C or a SG and Harden was there

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i loved the pick. i wanted

i loved the pick. i wanted the thunder to pick him all along and got a little hell for it but he is a perfect fit

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They can still use an

They can still use an upgrade at PF, likely giving some offers to big names this offseason.

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