Kevin Durant Evolution

There is something good in KD evolution, i remember his combine numbers, 26inch no step, 33 inch wth step and he couldnt lift the bench...( i will not talk about skill in this part)

But if we look at his new body, which is still slender, has gone from a simple weakling to be much more explosive.

If we look the sonics KD, we can see his 215 pounds in a rail thin body, a bit unflexible in his movemens; against this year, if we watch some tape of him, he is stronger, maybe weighting 230 as says.

My point is his combine was horrible, i know he would fare much better now, his shortcomings were about his underdeveloped body.

He has no wide shoulders, but i think he can put extra 15 pounds without affecting his mobility, so he can bang more in the post. i have no illusions seeing him a true 4 position, his position will always be a 3. but imagine the posibilities...a threat in the high post, a bit low post and his vast arsenal of mid and long range ..... could be the perfect offensive machine...what do you think?

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"simple weakling"??? dude

"simple weakling"???

dude was putting up 20ppg as a rookie,

before him the only other guys to do that were 1 Carmelo Anthony and 1 Lebron James

these 3 SMALL FORWARDS are going to be rewriting the record books for a while imho

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EDIT: Became the third

EDIT: Became the third teenager to average more than 20 points per game (Carmelo Anthony, LeBron James)

no doubt he's gotten stronger but

weights is only 1 part of the puzzle imho

My lasting memories of the record setting NBA All Star Game at Cowboys Stadium has nothing to do with the 108,000 people that witnessed the game, nor does it have anything to do with Shakira’s outfit, although both figures were impressive. I love the memory of watching Kevin Durant learn. He went from veteran superstar to veteran superstar for skull sessions. I watched him follow Dirk Nowitzki during pre-game warm ups mimicking the moves of the hometown hero.

Kevin has learned his lessons well. He says all the right things. He does all the right things. He is wise beyond his years. Success is so difficult to achieve at the highest level. The first challenge is to be good enough. The second challenge is to work hard enough and the toughest challenge is to keep it all in perspective. Somehow Kevin has mastered all of that. The “good enough” part is God given. As for working hard, the stories of his summer workouts in Austin are legendary. He gets college kids up with the sun and runs them until lunchtime.

It is the perspective that is hard to achieve. Realize what these young me are up against; they are paid like princes, treated like kings and recognized like rock stars. Under those circumstances it would be easy to get “fat and happy.” It would be easy to forget that the goose that laid that golden egg at your feet is ability and hard work. If your skills diminish or if you stop working hard the goose flies away. That is why Kevin talked to so many stars in that galaxy last weekend in Dallas. He wants to know how they have done it, he want to plan how he will.

Each night Kevin takes the court knowing that he will be the focus of the other teams defense. Each night he fights through double teams and each night since the middle of December he has scored 25 or more points. Never has he worried about the streak. In fact, last week when it looked like the streak would come to an end against Dallas he seemed reluctant to take an unnecessary shot in the games final minute. He took it, he made it, he extended the streak. However, afterward he said he would trade the streak for a win. There was some criticism of the move to keep the streak alive last Tuesday night. There were people suggesting that individual streaks have nothing to do with the team. The reality is that everyone on the team, indeed everyone in the Ford Center wanted Kevin to take and make that shot. When keeping a streak alive makes a team and a building that happy it is team oriented.

Don’t worry about Kevin, he won’t let any of it go to his head. He has learned from the likes of LeBron James, Kevin Garrnett and Dirk Nowitzki that there is no substitute for hard work. He has learned that individual accomplishments are not as rewarding at team tallies. If you don’t believe me just listen to his post game interviews right here on His postgame interviews are available after nearly every game. If you listen to Kevin Durant you will realize he says all the right things. If you watch him you will realize he does all the right things.

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Could be?? I dont know a

Could be?? I dont know a more effective scorer in the NBA other than Kobe. Melo is a guy that can be argued but its close. Right now, he could stand to add maybe 5-7 pounds. 15 would slow him down too much. He is in great shape right now. I dont see him needing to add the weight right now because of his length. Maybe as he loses some athletic ability to age, he could bulk up 20 pounds but not right now.. The most he should gain is 5-10.

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I agree. People look at his frame and complain about his lack of weight, but does he really need it? He's averaging nearly 30 points a game, and he's as close to a 50-40-90 player as anyone in the league. The thing that makes him so special is his mobility and fluidity for his size, and added weight would probably take some of that away. Besides, not everyone can put on 10-15 lbs of muscle without it seriously inhibiting your athleticism; not everyone has that type of frame.

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I dont think a 33 inch

I dont think a 33 inch vertical is too bad from a guy with a 9'2'' standing reach and 7'5'' wingspan

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He has really long arms so he will always test worse in the lifting part.

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