Dhamp2.....From Sweet 16 to Final 4

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Dhamp2.....From Sweet 16 to Final 4

Midwest: Kansas beats Michigan State to go to the elite 8

Ohio St. beats SanDiego State heading to the elite 8

West: Syracuse beats UTEP for a spot in the elite 8

Kansas State beats Pitts for a spot in the elite 8

East: Kentucky beats Wisconsin to move forward to the elite 8.

West Virginia beats New Mexico to move forward to the elite 8.

South: Duke beats Purdue heading to the elite 8.

Villanova beats Baylor to go the elite 8.

Elite 8:

West Virginia beats Kentucky for a final 4 spot.

Villanova beats Duke for a final 4 spot

Syracuse beast K-State for a final 4 spot

Kansas beats Ohio State for a final 4 spot.

Final 4

Syracuse beats Kansas to move to the championship

West Virginia beats Kentucky to move to the championship.


Syrause beats West Virginia 76-67 in the championship........

Holla at your boy

Dhamp2....the greatest basketball mind in the world. Next to Hubie Brown anyway.

Somebody print this out!!! And save it. If you send it to me, I'll autograph it for you!!!!

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Syracuse won't beat

Syracuse won't beat Kansas..

I picked my Kansas State boys over Syracuse in my bracket too lol

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I keep changing up my

I keep changing up my bracket.

I think BYU might shock people.

I don't know who's gonna be in my final four yet.

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Sweet Sixteen Kansas vs

Sweet Sixteen

Kansas vs Maryland
Ohio State vs Georgetown

Syracuse vs UTEP
Kansas State vs Pitt

Texas vs Temple
West Virginia vs New Mexico

Duke vs Texas A&M
Baylor vs Villanova

Elite 8

Kansas vs Ohio State

Syracuse vs Kansas State

Texas vs West Virginia

Duke vs Villanova

Final Four

Kansas vs Syracuse

West Virgina vs Duke

Championship game
Kansas vs West Virginia

Kansas wins

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Wow.. People are either

Wow.. People are either extremely confident in WVU or not very confident in KU.. Is it an age thing?? Ebanks has done it before. Bryant has done it before. KJ has done it before. Butler and Smith have done it a few times.. It being going to the tourney.

Does everyone think that Wall, Cousin, and Patterson arent enough for Ebanks, Butler and Jones??

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kansas is winning it..plain

kansas is winning it..plain and simple but look for the texas upset over kentucky!! lol ima be right on this one

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i got utep beating syracuse.

i got utep beating syracuse. what kills syracuse is an athletic smart skilled big man in the high post(see samardo samuels) and guess what mr. caracter fits that bill very well. but thats just me and syracuse wont be scared of anybody. i like the two seeds this year. but ill give u 6 teams and i guarantee most of them will be in the final four. kansas, baylor, kansas state, west virginia, utep, and kentucky. im confident atleast 3 of those teams will be in the final four. and i gotta admit when i see dhamps name in a forum topic i gotta go to it.

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papa are you gonna stop

papa are you gonna stop posting that texas is gonna beat uk. i already told you how terrible texas has been. IF they beat wake, kentucky will win by at least 20.

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