Teams who wont be picky on draft night.

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Teams who wont be picky on draft night.

This is a list of teams who cant be picky on draft night. They need help at almost every position.

Nets - The Nets could use help at every position on the floor., Now, I know people will say that they dont need help at the C position but IMO, they could use a backup. Right now it is Boone. They could draft any C in the draft and let him develop behind Lopez for a couple years. Then, use him as a trade piece or use him to make Lopez sign for a little cheaper. Of course they need help at the PF, SF, and SG but IMO, they could even take a PG to play with, behind, or over Harris. He had one good year and everyone loved him as the future. I dont think he is but he is a good player. Not a franchise palyer but a good one.

Kings - Evans is the face of the team and he is such a well rounded G that he can play off the ball or at the point. I dont know if there is another position on the floor that I like. Maybe the PF with Thompson but that is even sketchy. They need help every where but the position they think Tyreke plays.

Celtics - Hear me out on this one. They are old. They could use help. They wont have a high pick so they will just take the best player avaliable. The only need they have is "youth." The C is Perkins and he is a great defender but behind him is who? Garnette and Wallace team up for the PF with Big Baby but they are old and on the decline and Davis is very repalceable. Peirce is great and Danielles is okay but he doenst make up for when Pierce is not in the game. Ray Allen is probably gone and Nate presents mismatch problems. Rondo is great but who runs the team when he is out?? They need help almost all over the place.

Jazz - This daft doesnt have many great PGs so they wont be taking one there but, all other positions are up for grab. Okur, Kufos, and Fes are sorry excuses for their C rotation. Boozer is gone and now Milsap steps in but when does he rest? AK47, Miles, Korver?? Comeon... SG? Mathews and who?? Price is a PG so not him. Anyone on the board will help them but a PG.

Toronto - They might as well kiss Bosh goodbye. Do they, without Bosh, have a guy that is a clear cut starter? Turk is probably and maybe Andreas.. Other than that. Jack is average, Bosh is gone, Derozen is coming around but needs time. They need help everywhere because their bench is old and very average.

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Kings have a great PF

Kings have a great PF situation with Landry and Thompson.

I'd also add the Pacers to this list. They have one respectable starter, Granger. 

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the hornets have needs at

the hornets have needs at the pf, sf, and center positions. the draft has alot of wings and big men

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Al-Farouq Aminu, Wesley Johnson

Nets - Small Forward=Glue Guy a guy that can bring 'consistent matchup problems',
whether it be on offense/defense; they have no "consistent" identity

Kings- lol

Jazz - Wesley Johnson and Deron Williams

Philadelphia- Iguodala has run the point this season, there is only one problem
with him playing on the ball
their primary scorer becomes either Jrue Holiday, or Lou Williams!

sometimes it works but they lack the length to effect the game on defense

the answer: Wesley Johnson

add Wesley Johnson and you now have 3 players who can initiate the break off the rebound or with the steal and also finish the break
Johnson, Young, and Iguodala

people will say that Wesley Johnson cant run the break but that's why you call it potential
this will counter the size of many bigger teams

also in the halfcourt Johnson brings an athletic more consistent shooter

Aminu might also be an alternative for the 6ers if they want to overload the wing on defense

Jrue Holiday and Lou Williams can be great 6th men scorers and both still have upside imho

76ers- Iguodala (aka Ron Harper 2.0), W.Johnson, Young,Brand, Dalembert
Indiana- Granger,Aminu, (tough,defensive PF, Hansbrough), Hibbert
Nets- Harris, Lee, Aminu, Yi,Lopez

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NOH could also use Aminu or


could also use Aminu or Johnson to give the Hornets some much needed length defensively on perimeter,

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they should get James Anderson out of OKST. I see him being like a Michael Redd and that would be great with Collison or CP3

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