Can We Throw Darrington Hobson into round 1?

I think Darrington Hobson should be a late 1st round pick. Hobson has all the skill, he has the size (6-7) and can play multiple positions (2,3)

I think Hobson could be a 1st round pick in 2010, Aran- Why don't you agree?

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D. Hobson

I have concerns about his athleticism and shot selection - 44% fg is low in that conference. He's very versatile for a player his size and I really like his passing ability. New Mexico's success obviously helps his cause. Lets see what he does in the tourney and what scouts are saying at that point.

I have spoken with Hobson in Las Vegas and liked him as a kid. It was while he was in juco, he said, "I'm on your site", referring to his profile being up.

Let's see how he looks in the tourney and what scouts are saying at that point.

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Aran, I know you don't wanna

Aran, I know you don't wanna just give it away in terms of a comparison but who would you compare him to?

I don't know who he plays like. I hate giving every 6-7 SF the Josh Howard comparison

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Knicksboy I have been on the Hobson bandwagon for months now. I don't have many concerns about his athleticism. There are tons of players that get passed on every year for the same reason and teams are still surprised when they get burned. The man can play ball. He does multiple things on the court and is just not the one-dimensional player with limited athletism that busts as a NBAer.

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