Chicago guards in the tourney

Chicago is known for producing tough gritty guards, often undersized. Most recent ones like Dee Brown, Jerel McNeal, and Will Bynum helped lead their teams to the tournament with Bynum getting to the Final 4 and Brown to the Championship game. This year's tourney is again well represented by tough Chicago area guards, most of them undersized.

Evan Turner- 6'7- (St. Joseph) #2 seed Ohio St.- Big 10 POY and possible NPOY. Led Big 10 in scoring 19.5 and reb 9.1

Sherron Collins- 5'11- (Crane) #1 seed Kansas- Ist team all Big 12 led team in scoring 15.7 and ast 4.3

Jon Scheyer- 6'5- (Glenbrook North) #1 seed Duke- ACC POY runner up. Led Duke in scoring 18.7 and ast 5.1

Jacob Pullen- 5'11- (Proviso East) #2 seed Kansas St.- 1st team all Big 12. led team in scoring 18.9 and 2nd in ast 3.5

Jerome Randle- 5'8- (Hales Fransciscan)- #8 seed California- Pac 10 POY. Led team in scoring 18.7 and ast 4.5

Iman Shumpert- 6'5- (Oak Park) #10 seed Georgia Tech- Led team in ast 4.0 and stl 1.9

Maurice Acker- 5'8- (Hillcrest) #6 seed Marquette- Led Big East in ast/to ratio 4.2/1 2nd in Big East in 3% .50%

DJ Cooper- 5'11- (Seton Academy) #14 seed Ohio- MAC FOY. Led MAC in ast 6.3 and stl 2.7

Chris Wroblewski- 6'- (Highland Park) #12 seed Cornell. Starter was 4th in IVY league in ast 3.3

Demetri McCamey and Illinois just missed the tourney. He was 2nd in the nation in ast 6.9

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scottie reynolds

It is funny I know he played High School ball in Virgina, but it's worth noting that he played basketball in Chicago up to High School. I saw him play in Junior High and even back then you knew he was something special.

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Chicago produces the best

Chicago produces the best Guards, contrary to what Yorkers believe. We have so many drive and attack Guards that come from Chicago's southside and westside that it isn't fair. I'll take Sherron Collins over anybody in this next draft. He's a tough dude. (Of course I wouldn't take him over Wall but you get the gist.) Though something has been itching my scalp of late, can it be Demetri not getting love? No way Demetri should get slighted like of late. His slot should be somewhere around 20th or 25th. I hope Bulls bring him in!

Bulls: Donatas Moetiejunas and Demetri McCammey.
Evan Turner and Sherron Collins

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just curious, i've never

just curious, i've never been to chicago, but why do i keep hearing people talk about the southside or the northside as if they are two completely different cities.

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The northside is a lot

The northside is a lot cleaner and safer, less gang activity. Better housing, less crime. If you're going out to a bar on the weekend you won't be traveling to a southside bar unless you're strapped like Plaxico.....I'm sure it's like any other major city where some parts are better than others.

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They really are two

They really are two completely different cities. For all the reasons Bucksh0t said and others. It is a city divided, always has been. I have lived in Chicago for 30 years and I am still lost on the Southside.

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