shout out to the bucks

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shout out to the bucks

just wanted to give a team that get's little mention around here some love. Before the season started, they had very few expectations and it was considered that dumping Richard Jefferson was an attempt to clear space (it was) and a sign that maybe they were waiving the white flag for another rebuilding season(it wasn't). They have spent money on veterans like Jerry Stackhouse, brought in John Salmons and kept Kurt Thomas on the roster instead of buying him out showing that they are still comitted to winning instead of just looking towards the future.

Lots of guys are having terrific seasons. Brandon Jennings is running the show and gives them some swagger. Bogut is emerging as a top 5 center and go to big man. Guys like Ersan Ilysaova, Luc mbah a moute, luke ridnour and others are playing very well. The team defends and is currently at 5th in the east at 36-29. They are gonna be a tough out.

I've never been a bucks fan, but it is good to see a team actually bringing in veterans, spending money and playing with emotion and trying to compete. Cheers to Scott Skiles and the bucks this year.

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As someone who grew up in

As someone who grew up in Chicago, moved to Milwaukee for 3 years, and now live back in Chicago.......I hate how well the Bucks are doing. The fact that Salmons is helping them win just adds salt to the wounds.

Jennings is a helluva floor leader.

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5th in the east at 36-29.

thats good for 9th in the west, just saying.

Anyways, I thought they were a lottery team and it would be good 4 them to get a lottery pick, maybe they get a good player late in the 1st round

making the playoffs they can upset Boston, anything can happen

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watch nba insider studio

watch nba insider studio with charles barkely and kenny smith and listen to what they have to say about the bucks

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