Demarcus Cousins

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Demarcus Cousins

It seems like no one takes his maturity into consideration. I know he puts up great numbers but half of his highlights are lowlights ( him being yelled at by his coach). Why would a team not take Monroe over him? I am Nets fan and chances are that they are going to get the 3 or 4 pick. If they take him it would be a mistake.( obviously if they get 1 or 2 pick the we know who they are taking)

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people on this forum and

people on this forum and fans in general do not take maturity into consideration but i can assure you that every team in the NBA will. Having said that, he has made a good stride in his coachability. He still needs to improve, but i dont think any team is going to knock him down to much for his attitude.

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its true he has his moments

its true he has his moments but every game teams ae yel;;ing at there players.. they just show it moe with cousins because hes on tv more. joey doresy was just as much as a head case as cousins and he was older.

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Its hard to imagine what

Its hard to imagine what he'd be like when he goes to an NBA team that loses alot of games...He's on a Kentucky team with excellent Guard play compared to their competition, and they win just about every game. When he gets drafted, most likely he will be on a team that is not winning alot and doesnt have the talent comparative to the rest of the field...Is he mature enough to handle that?

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dude is probably the best

dude is probably the best Center prospect in this draft and he is still young and he is not a terrible player to coach. He is just emotional at times. I think with his talent it will be hard for him to slide to far but with that being said I could see him going after Monroe because of that but if you just look at skills i would have to give him the edge and I have a Monroe bias being that he is from New Orleans.

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Sometimes it seems like

Sometimes it seems like teams DON'T take character into consideration...if I was a GM and had a high pick I wouldn't even consider Cousins. How often is the franchise player of championship team a head case? Marbury, and Iverson never won championships for a reason...Also (especially with Cs) a guy's potential is only going to be as high as their dedication to learning the position. Right now that guy dominates with his size and strength, but on the next level he's going to have to learn how to actually play basketball or he's going to turn into the next eddy curry or kwame brown. Sorry if it sounds like I'm slamming the guy too hard, I think he's got a ton of potential, but I would hate to see him taken higher (meaning more money) then a good, hard working guy like Monroe.

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i think the kid is loco. he

i think the kid is loco. he has issues upstairs that will hinder his nba career a little bit. i think he will underachieve but still put up some decent numbers, if he can stay on the level. maturity will be a bit of a problem kind of like with beasley.

funny i was watching kentucky vs. tennessee and the announcers said he is a man out there, but all i could think is that he is a child in the body of a man.

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rasheed wallace

His mental state, not his game, reminds me a ton of the one and only Rasheed Wallace.

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I think the guy is the best center prospect coming out next year. Part of that is just the lack of any type of decent big guys in college basketball. I think he will end up being a solid player that never reaches his full potential. I remember there was a guy that played for the Pacers not long ago David something. He had good size and some ability, but his head was never there. He was always doing something. Cousins is way more talented but he has the same type of mentality and those guys don't seem to last long in the league. I think once Cousins starts earning a big fat paycheck that he's going to be even more out of control. He's not going to a good team or even play for a good coach because he is too much of a headache and he is going to get drafted early. I think his first year is going to be really tough once he matches up with stronger guys.

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