Things I learned from conference tournaments this weekend....

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Things I learned from conference tournaments this weekend....

Jordan Crawford (guy who dunked on LeBron) can really play.

Lance Stephenson is a stud (attitude, Kobe type thing going on)

Ga. Tech can be a CHAMPIONSHIP team next year IF everyone stayed. (Iman Shumpert is gonna be better than Evan Turner in the NBA)

Kansas St. is a great team.

Georgia may be back on the come-up next year

John Wall will have a Steve Francis-like career (what his career should have been anyway)

Kansas is a GREAT team.

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Iman Shumpert better than Evan Turner? Not a chance....

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Dudes crazy, I learned yet

Dudes crazy, I learned yet again that John Wall is stupidly amazing

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What I Learned... West

What I Learned...

West Virginia is the most dominant team on the offensive boards. Very impressive. And Butler controls that offense.

Evan Turner is the shit. Dude's got the clutch factor and he has an all around game. He might make people seriously consider who should go #1.

Notre Dame's new slow paced offense could be disruptive.

Derrick Favors is starting to come into his own. GT could be troublesome.

Edgard Sosa is the biggest risk/reward player in the tourney. Can catch fire and has some amazing moves and ability to get to the rim, but he is just wayyyy too out of control.

K State is for real.

Kansas is the most complete team (already knew that though). Experience and solid players in the post and on the perimeter.

Lance Stephenson is hopeless in the college game unless he learns how to play without the ball. He stands around way too much.

Syracuse could be in trouble against teams who learn how to attack the zone. Big East matchups could be their downfall.

UNC really does suck right now and it hurts to say so.

Omar Samhan may be slow, but he is very effective at the college level.

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Don't know

I don't think this guy know's what he is talking about but when I watch Evan Turner play, this guy is amazing. He's got the moves and he has that competitive edge. I know he may sound a little cocky at time but all the great ones are. If you don't have the cockyness then your not a great one.

K-State is solid they have big time play makers on their team.

Lance Stephense - AKA Born Ready, is not ready for the pros. I think a year or two could make him become a lottery pick. He has to moves as an indivual but needs to work on his team game.

Da'sean Butler is a stud, looks some what like a Caron Butler type of player. I still really don't know why this webside has Ebanks going ahead of Butler when Butler is clearly the better player. When I watch WV play, Butler is their most obviouse best player.

Ohio should of been a #1 seed. Reason why, I think the Big 10 was a lot better than ACC this year. Ohio State should of been the number 1 and should of been match up with WV as the over number 2 seed.

Very unfair in sitting up the brackets for the good teams. Duke is match up with Nova and they were 3rd #1 seed? Kansas match up with OSU or either GTown?

I don't know about you guys but they ACC seems like they are always protected year in and year out. This has got to be the worst year for the ACC. Their best team is a Duke team that got distroy by Gtown and then after that their is no other team in the ACC that has a shot to win it at all.

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Durand Scott is going to be

Durand Scott is going to be the shit.... Jarvis Varnado has a LOT of heart. that's what i learned.

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