The Smith, Brown or Williams team?

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The Smith, Brown or Williams team?

Ha-ha, I'm bored well turns out there are only three surnames that are owned by 5 or more players - the Browns (5 players), the Smiths (5 players) and the Williams (10 players)

The Brown team
PG Bobby Brown
SG Devin Brown
SF Shannon Brown
PF Derrick Brown
C Kwame Brown

A team, where quite amazingly everyone seems to fit in their position, maybe except Shannon, a really weak frontcourt

The Smith team
PG JR Smith
SG Josh Smith
SF Craig Smith
PF Joe Smith
C Jason Smith

All Smiths except JR seem to be big men, him running the point and Josh being the shooting guard should look pretty ugly, I relly want to see this team play

The Williams team
PG Deron Williams
SG Mo Williams
SF Terrence Williams
PF Marvin Williams
C Sheldon Williams

Quite a weak frontcourt, but still the best teamfor sure, which isn't surprising, considering they even have a bench with 5 players on it

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Dude u trippin..hahaha... i

Dude u trippin..hahaha... i love the williams team..

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Oh Lor, that Brown team sure

Oh Lor, that Brown team sure looks ugly.

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I've got Josh running the

I've got Josh running the point in my Smith team.

How bout my Joseph team? Cory Joseph, Kris Joseph... and me! 

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