Durand Scott~ Miami

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Durand Scott~ Miami

I had not heard of Scott before this weekend, but I was very impressed from what I saw. The way he got to the basket and finished reminded me a lot of DWade. The kid looks legit!

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He's a nice slasher with

He's a nice slasher with good length and solid athleticism. He's no D.Wade, but he's got the ability to make it in the NBA. He's also a solid defender. Needs a jump shot though.

He and DeQuan Jones both have good potential and are great athletes with length (Jones is a freak of nature athletically)

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He needs to improve his

He needs to improve his jumper. He could be like Eddie Jones

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Yeah he played great today.

Yeah he played great today. I havent seen much of him over the course of the season but he played great. He's only a freshman, he could be comes scary good.

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The dude is good. period. I

The dude is good. period. I played with him in the grammar school varsity, and he was nasty. Classic Ny swagger, and he hates to lose... I think he is an NBA player after next ncaa season

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