The team everyone says is on the outside looking in, Virginia Tech

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The team everyone says is on the outside looking in, Virginia Tech

Everyone says Virginia Tech is out. I've seen the SOS and RPI numbers just like everyone else. I just dont think that numbers say the whole story on this team. They had a weak out of conference schedule this year that is true.

They did, however finish fourth in a deep conference in the ACC. the acc has alot of talented teams.

I was watching a game either yesterday or today where it said Virginia Tech is out, but Wake and Georgia Tech are in due to SOS and RPI ratings. I looked at Virginia Tech's schedule on ESPN and this is what I saw.

In the ACC, Duke is in, Maryland is in, Clemson is in, and Florida State is in. (the last two more tentatively than the first two)

The three real bubble teams here are VT, GT, and Wake.

GT has punched its ticket by getting into the finals.

this leaves VT and Wake. The thing everyone has said is that even before the Tournament VT is out before Wake and GT.

i decided to look at the schedule and i see that VT beat clemson head to head 70-59. They beat Wake 87-83. and most recently they beat GT 88-82 on the road.

It seems to me that the head to head win over Wake coupled with the fact that they are higher in the ACC standings should be enough to put them in over Wake on selection sunday.

Any thoughts?

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