3 years later...Boston Celtics Done?

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3 years later...Boston Celtics Done?

Remember that KG deal that happen 3 seasons ago?

Well, as of right now the Celtics are almost done. Paul Pierce and Kevin Garnett have battle injuries, Ray Allen is almost a defensive liability at this point, Rasheed Wallace is awful and this team honestly paid by giving up younger players ( Pruitt, Walker, Giddens, Powe) for the older guys ( Cassell, Brown) for that one championship.

Can we also talk about how they never replace James Posey with a hungry player without a championship?

My Question- Is it too late to fix this team for next season? They have no real bench, no young players ( Other then Rondo) and KG's contract is untouchable and Pierce is someone who in the middle ( You can deal him next season since he will be a UFA but do you want to deal the face of that franchise? How much value do you get for someone who's going to go into his 13th season?

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when this trade happened I

when this trade happened I freaked but when i thought about it if i was the gm i wouldn't have traded big Al. Three years after that trade they are fake contenders but if they still had Jefferson, Gomes, and Craig Smith (where ever he is, maybe the Clippers?) they would still be relevent.

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i have nothing wrong with

i have nothing wrong with the trade, it brought them a title. Teams try for years to win a title and don't get their. And i don't think jefferson would have gotten them the title that year. KG was the heart and soul. Im curious what they do this summer, if they blow it up or stick with the big 3. You know pierce is probably gonne retire a celtic, but allen is probably gone and KG will have to accept a lesser role.

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I think this is Boston's

I think this is Boston's last season as a championship contender. Ainge has a lot of decisions to make, mainly on Allen, Pierce and KG. Those three players are tying down the cap.

Allen - Free-Agent this summer. He's making $18,776,860 this season. Most people think it'll be about money, but I think it'll be more about the amount of years that's guaranteed on his contract. Anything past 2012 (when KG's contract is expiring), would be silly.

Pierce - $21,513,521 owed in 2010/2011. He can opt out this summer, but he won't. That's too much money to opt out of. He'll be an expiring contract next season and a free-agent the summer of 2011.

KG - $18,832,044 in 2010/2011 and $21,247,044 in 2011/2012. That's A LOT of money and his contract is all of the sudden looking like a burden, considering his knee.

I think Ainge will keep this team together and go for a championship for at least one more season, MAYBE two. He'll re-sign Allen this summer and then use the MLE to surround the "Big Three" with some solid pieces.

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