Marcelo Machado breaks records in Brazil

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Marcelo Machado breaks records in Brazil

Flamengo's Marcelo Machado is used to scoring explosions once in a while, but last Sunday he took it one step forward. The 34-year-old scored an all-time record of 63 points, pulverizing the previous mark set by legendary Óscar Schmidt in 1999 with 59. Early this year "Marcelinho" had already scored 45 points. The forward, who had 38 points by halftime, helped his team beat São José 101 to 80, adding four rebounds, one assist and a steal. Such amount of points also carried another milestone: "Marcelinho" netted 16 three-pointers out of 21 attempts, something that also no other player had done before. These numbers might as well constitute a record beyond the Brazilian borders, as in two of the best world leagues the marks are 12 (Kobe Bryant and Donyell Marshall, NBA) and 11 (Schmidt, Spanish ACB) threes.
The Brazilian international, who admitted to have been inspired by watching Bryant's 81-point game recently, leads NBB with 26.8 points per game, as Flamengo is second in the table with 13 wins and four losses.

“This week, they put on TV the game where (Los Angeles Lakers guard Kobe) Bryant scored 81 points and my wife told me that on a good day, I could score 50,” Marcelinho said. “Yes, I guess the images of Bryant inspired me.”

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