Mock Drafts WTF!

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Mock Drafts WTF!

Apparently whoever is setting up these mock drafts knows of some minnesota and Baylor connection or he is a University of Texas fan and is mad they got beat down 3 times by the Bears this year. But the fact that in your mocks for 2010 and 2011 you'd have Minnesota taking 3 players all from Baylor is a bit weird isn't it? Udkoh this year if he comes out late in the 1st round, then Perry Jones #2 overall and LaceDarius in the 2nd round all to Minnesota?

David Kahn is an idiot but come on he isn't drafting Baylor North.

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They don't take team needs into effect until after the lottery.

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Thats a pretty funny

Thats a pretty funny observation, at least they dont have Josh Lomers going in the second, then I may raise an eyebrow

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