Providence's Jamine Peterson

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Providence's Jamine Peterson

I'm not surprised this guy isn't on anyone's radar - he plays for lowly Providence - but after seeing him play just a couple times I'm sure he warrants consideration as a potential first round pick next year. An incredibly athletic swingman with prototypical size (6-6/230), Peterson is built like a rock but also has great touch (1.6 threes per game) and has a very mature game. He averaged 19.6 points and 10.2 boards in 30 mpg this year, capping off a terrific sophomore campaign with a 38-point 16-rebound showing in a devastating loss to Seton Hall in the conference tourney. He also made what I thought was one of the best plays of the year in a game against Syracuse where, on a broken play driving to the hoop, he got caught up, threw the ball off the backboard to himself and threw down a thunderous jam. Seeing how he's already parlayed his physical gifts into outstanding numbers, I think he could turn out to be a great pro prospect. Keep your eye out for him.

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Actually, I think he's very

Actually, I think he's very much on our radar. I'm not a fan, but others are here. The thought is that he has the potential to be an undersized power forward.

Still, he could use some success next year and should return. I just don't think he will. 

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