Shaq's right thumb injury could detail Cav's chances for best record in NBA

The Cleveland Cavaliers is one of the top teams in the current season of the National Basketball Association.
In fact the red-hot team is now aiming for the best record in the NBA regular season.
However, this ambitious quest is facing a huge setback when its starting center NBA superstar Shaquille O'Neal suffered a right thumb injury that will require surgery.
According to the report, the surgery will cost O'Neal six to eight weeks from the game which is a sad news for the franchise and its countless fans worldwide.
O'Neal had been a vital part of the team in the current NBA season with his offence and defence.
The absence of O'Neal is a big letdown for the Cavaliers since he makes the team better in his huge presence inside.
The superstar center is expected to return to active duty on the NBA playoffs where the team is expected to get a slot.
With the injury of O'Neal many are saying that the dream of the team to have the best record in the NBA is facing a huge roadblock.
Out to prove the Cavaliers critics wrong are the Cavaliers big-men Brazilian basketball star Anderson Varejao and Leo Powe who are both expected to fill in the void left by the superstar O'Neal.
Varejao, a veteran member of the Cavaliers and new addition Powe are well known NBA big-men who can provide scoring, defence and rebounding for the team.
It is yet to be seen however how much impact the loss of O'Neal to the team especially now that the Cavaliers are on a winning streak.
It can be recalled that the Cavaliers signed O'Neal so that the team and its superstar forward Lebron James can win its first ever championship.
The latest turn of events for the Cavaliers makes the current season of the NBA more exciting and intriguing for hoop fans in this planet.So don't miss the chance to watch their games live by getting cheap Cleveland Cavaliers tickets.

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