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so i was on and i voted on today's poll. I found it kind of interesting because it said, Which Magic team is better? A) Last Season's Magic OR B) This Season's Magic. Now it is 50/50. So my question to you guys is, which team is better?

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Last years team was better together on the floor

What I mean by that, that unit had better cohesivenesss. Some younger legs, and a more consistent 3 pt. shooter in turkogu as i call him

Vince carter is on his last legs, as are most high leapers when they reach there 30's to much wear on the knees....PLEASE BE ADVISE ANY LONG TERM DEAL FOR STOUDEMIRE

Rafer alston was better than jason williams who has completely lost all his flash and is too much in the system for my liking

THe advantages that they had of brandon bass and ryan anderson havent been getting the burn like they should thus negating there impact

Im just leery of the magic, and more important vince carter he is real shaky to me lately. Without the green light he is a different player and he is so sluggish lately.


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i gotta go with last years

i gotta go with last years team untill this years team proves something. and that wont be found out unless they make it to the finals or win it

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