Adi Joseph: Thoughts on Power 3s

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Adi Joseph: Thoughts on Power 3s


All I'm saying is Hakim Warrick/Michael Beasley?Josh Smith etc are power 3s

that if you put in Hakim Warrick in a situational lineup where
he is being defended by a smaller 3 he would pose a mismatch

his scoring would increase, his FTA attempted would increase, and they would have the length advantage to dominate the boards

u look at the 80s lakers and James Worthy was drafted as a PF... well u can just watch the video

I dont have stats to back me up but I want to know what Beasley/Warrick would do in a bigger lineup.

How well do they do when defended by small forwards?
Is it enough to overwhelm any "shortcomings"they have on defense?

But I want to know your thoughts.

Can you predict if he would do any worse than say Stojacovic's plus minus?

The copycat trend is to draft good PGs, why hasnt the SF trend caught on u have 3 SFs
leading the league in scoring, and an abundance leading MVP candidates.

Why develop PG firepower versus small forward firepower bcuz thats what Hakim Warrick gives you offensive firepower.

Pat Riley isn't the only one who thinks this way. Larry Brown brought in Chandler to matchup with Garnett types at Power forward. what are your thoughts?

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Hakim Warrick is a mismatch

Hakim Warrick is a mismatch at the 3

for Quncey who said that teams would never , run a clear out for Hakim in the low post

and for guys who say he's attrocious at reading double teams here's a nice lil touch pass

a bonus is Iguodala showing he can stay in front of one of the quickest Point Guards in the game Derrick Rose, why he doesnt play point guard on offense?

Bcuz he's the best finisher in transition, Lou Will is less likely to get a high percentage shot running the wing than Iggy

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I know the first clear out

I know the first clear out play was 2 SFs playing the PF
so the half court spacing was off

but its the best I could find

besides you could argue that Hakim Warrick would fill the lanes so well

that he would score in the fastbreak and the secondary break sealing his man.
as a PF he has to rebound the ball, as a SF/wing he would get an extra head start to filling the lanes
and 1 step is all he needs

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no response? I guess Pat

no response?

I guess Pat Riley is out of his mind then he's never watched basketball either

Riley Starts James Worthy at the Two-Guard

In an effort to counter the Celtics' huge front line, the Lakers' Pat Riley countered with a backcourt of Magic Johnson and the 6-9 James Worthy against the Celtics' starting backcourt of Gerald Henderson, 6-2, and Dennis Johnson, 6-4.

Surprise in Johnson's Eyes

"I would have to say that threw them off a little," Michael Cooper said. "I saw the surprise in D. J.'s eyes when he saw James on him."

K. C. Jones, the Celtic coach, has to find a way when the series resume in Boston on Thursday night of preventing the Lakers from dictating the defensive alignments the way they did Sunday.

Worthy, normally the reserve small forward, did not learn until Saturday night at a team meeting that he would be making his second straight playoff start.

"I'm goal-oriented and I've learned to let destiny takes its course," said Worthy, who scored 20 points in the Lakers' 115-109 victory. "I got a little taste of playing defensively in the backcourt in the Kansas City and Dallas playoff series against Eddie Johnson and Rolando Blackman. I was there to help out defensively. I can see how Magic and I can present some matchup problems for other teams."

There is no mold that fits the 23- year-old Worthy, who left the University of North Carolina after his junior year to become the first pick in the 1982 draft and sign a seven-year contract with the Lakers worth a reported $3.5 million.

Size, Speed and Ability

At 219 pounds, he has the size of a power forward, the speed of a small forward on the fast break and the sledge-hammer dunking ability of a center.

Probably one of Worthy's biggest assets is his strength. Once he gets position, he has an array of quick moves, both right- and left-handed.

"There are so many ways James helps out and can hurt opposing teams," said Jamaal Wilkes, the Laker forward. "The combination of his speed and quickness makes him virtually impossible to stop when he goes one-on-one. He gets inside like a power forward, moves like a small forward and can handle the ball as though he was a third guard. He's going to be a force in this league. You can tell by the way opposing teams are starting to double-team him as often as they do Kareem Abdul-Jabbar." While Worthy said after the Sunday game that "the only statistic I'm interested in is winning as many championships as I can," in the Celtic dressing room, Dennis Johnson said, "we're going to have to find a way to cope with their matchups."

Adi Joseph
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I actually entirely agree.

I actually entirely agree. Carmelo Anthony is a "power-3," as well.

The key is that the player must be quick enough to defend those same smaller wings, as Warrick is, and versatile enough that he won't simply draw the 4 on defense, thus nullifying the advantage.

I see Al-Farouq Aminu potentially developing into this type of player. Marvin Williams probably still could, but one key to a power-3 is they need to be playing with the right kind of players, specifically, not another power-3.

I worry Beasley would struggle to keep up defensively at the 3. Offensively, he qualifies for sure. But he's a fine power forward with the height and strength to matchup well at the position.

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