How's your NBA 2k10 My Player?

I know this should be posted at the video games part but I just wanted to know that is it possible to set the gameplay to 12 minutes in MY Player? It's only 5 minutes per quarter and it sounds unrealistic... Other teams scores 100 ppg while me and my team scores 50 or less... That's kinda lopsided if you think about it...

I reset my account and I am currently playing for the Idaho Stampede... Any tips for me? I'll appreciate it... Thanks

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As far as i know its no way

As far as i know its no way to change the game settings...

But a few things can get you out of the NBDL
20 point games
Reaching objectives

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LOL still don't know if you need it but.

You need draft combine. The settings in the DC menu. If you set it in that time and you've uploaded your player to the 2k servers, you can't change it back. You'll need to upload your player again and change the time before uploading.

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I dont really like My Player

I dont really like My Player mode, I stick with association. I like to play 8 min quarters and My Player is just too short and unrealistic.

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You can play 12 Min Quarters

You can play 12 Min Quarters in My Player after patch go to Presentation, scroll down.

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My player is messed up IMO.

My player is messed up IMO. Don't get me wrong, it's a great addition to the game, but why am I getting sent to the D-league when I'm dominating in the summer camp? I'm a PG and I averaged 24ppg 5apg and 1stl. I was the projected starter during the camp through the whole thing, and I go to the D-league.. WTF?!? I also averaged an A in my team mate rating or w/e and I had a 79 overall during the camp. I also wish that games could be simmed. I like Association better because you can do sooo much more in the mode. Hopefully there will be drastic improvements to the My player mode in 2k11

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im 6-10 and play Pf or

im 6-10 and play Pf or centre. I find playing the other positions harder with their grading. you can box out, set screens and rebound - all the little things to build up your rank.

i was drafted to the heat but with wade and lebron hogging the ball so much i requested a trade which i got to milwaukee where i now start...

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