Kobe Mr.Clutch again

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Kobe Mr.Clutch again

Last nite the Black Mamba hit his 7th game winning shot of the season..The 30th of his career..Jordan has 27..But some might say Jordan last minutes herorics were in important games..Not losing to teams like the Raptors ,Grizzlies and Kings..Teams the Lakers are suppose to beat..But game winning shots are great no matter who hits them..

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the lakers

the lakers are suppose to blow out the raptors and grizzlies?

i congratulate kobe for another game winner.

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as you can see it wasnt a

as you can see it wasnt a big deal to him..he didnt react like he usually does because the game shouldnt have gotten to that point. i didnt expect a blow out since the raptors are a playoff team with a super star on there roster but the lakeshow should have done better. this is the life of a laker fan, underachieving during the regular season( even though if other teams had our record it would be considered a accomplishment) then turning it on for the playoffs. i would love to see them turn it on for awhole season including playoffs

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I knew it was going in from

I knew it was going in from the time it left his hands....He wasn't going to lose again.

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What were the 71 against

What were the 7
1 against the Heat, Grizzlies, Bucks, Raptors, Celtics who else?

I wonder how many bought them from behind to take the lead.
Lakers getting bailed out a lot by him.

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he has hit winners against

he has hit winners against the heat, bucks, kings, raptors, gizzlies and celtics for 6 total. He also hit one against the mavs that proved to be the winner but it was with like 20 seconds reminaing so people don't count it. So it 6 officially.

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Jordan may not have hit as

Jordan may not have hit as many game winners but he would take a close game with 5 minutes left and turn it into a blow out.

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