If the Warriors get the #1 pick...

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If the Warriors get the #1 pick...

Would you trade Wall for Griffin? Or possible Wall and Maggette for Griffin and Baron (assuming the Warriors are indeed trying to trade Ellis in the near future)
Also what are you people's thoughts on a Wall/Curry back court as oppose to a Wall/Ellis or Curry/Ellis one.
One more thing to think about would the Clippers/Warriors do this and which team is better off?
And...what would Lebron thinks since the Clippers have enough cap room to dream...even though if he ever did go to the Clippers he would most likely suffer a career ending injury.

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??? Do you think either team

??? Do you think either team would give up their number 1 overall pick this early into their careers

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I think they would trade Monta for a big man. I think Curry and Wall can be dominate in the back court even though it will be a small back court. Trading Wall for Griffin? I don't see either team doing that.

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In the NBA anything can happen. Personally I think that if John Wall can land the Clippers Lebron, then they do it. I mean Lebron went to watch a UK game just because of John Wall. I think he went to see Stephen Curry as well, but you won't be seeing him in a Warriors uniform. LA > Oakland and always will be no matter how you spin it. I'm also not necessarily sold on the Warriors keeping Wall if they got the #1 pick. I'm not sure they want to keep trying to put out a smallish backcourt. It's hard to do in the NBA, especially as you see a lot of shooting guards that are between 6'5 and 6'7. Stephen Jackson is 6'8. It's hard to challenge shots when a guy is towering over you. I don't think the Warriors would mind having Curry with Blake Griffin. It's a better direction than what they have going for them now.

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I could see them picking

I could see them picking Turner or Cousins if they don't get any offers they like for Wall

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