What if...

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What if...

What if OKC had of drafted Brook Lopez instead of Westbrook in the 08 draft.. not knocking Westbrook game i love it but imagine how good they could be? i know they wouldn't have a bench but still that's an exciting lineup.. what line up would you prefer?

Brook Lopez
Jeff Green
Kevin Durant
Thabo Sefolosha
Tyreke Evans


Nenad Krisic
Jeff Green
Kevin Durant
James Harden (yes i know he does not start)

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They are good they way they

They are good they way they are because Westbrook does so much so even though a big would help OKC they needed the pieces as if and right now all they need is a defensive minded center. They also have cap space so maybe they can trade for Dalembert and save 6ers money.

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I think Loopez was going to

I think Loopez was going to be a better pick,bur still a gr8 pick

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tyreke couldnt

tyreke couldnt play wiht durant..... he wants to be a 1st option.... westbrook is the best fit cause he can play good game even if he scores 10 points.... he is versatile and excellent defender

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C - Brook Lopez PF - Jeff

C - Brook Lopez
PF - Jeff Green
SF - Kevin Durant
SG - Thabo Sefolosha
PG - Ricky Rubio (I picked him because he's a pass first point guard, but you can substitute any point guard from the 2009 NBA Draft class that you think will fit here)

I think they'd be a MUCH better team. Lopez in the inside and Durant on the outside would be tough to stop. Then you have your do it all power forward in Green and a defensive minded athletic wing in Sefolosha. Add in one of the very good point guards from the 2009 NBA Draft and plenty of cap room, and they'd be a championship contender within one or two seasons.

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