Renardo Sidney to return to school.

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Renardo Sidney to return to school.

Meanwhile, one player we were sure would declare for the draft, Mississippi State's Renardo Sidney, recently told reporters he will return to college for his sophomore season.

This comes as a pretty big shock after the NCAA recently ruled that Sidney would have to sit out this entire season, fined him $11,800 and will make him miss 30 percent of next season.

That's a big blow for Sidney. If he jumped to the NBA now, he'd owe the NCAA nothing and be able to play. However, there are doubts about where Sidney will stand with NBA teams. He's been sitting out all season. He's out of shape, and his stock has dropped. However, Sidney is talented and if he were to get into shape now, he would have late-first-round potential.

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In the words of Will Ferrell

In the words of Will Ferrell in his Harry Carray voice.."You made a wise choice my friend." lol

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Smart of him, makes him look

Smart of him, makes him look like he has some maturity.

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I like how everyone seems to

I like how everyone seems to think hes some bratty dimwit when really its his parents fault, and hes willing to go through all this and still play for them.

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wish choice. always smart

wish choice. always smart when freshmen or sophs decided to return to school when there draft status is questionable

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very smart

If Character can come back this kid can do it.
He wants a chance to be a 1st round pick instead of a second round pick.
guaranteed money of maybe money

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