Dunleavy is gone!

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Dunleavy is gone!

I was actually watching the Magic and Clippers game and I was wondering when Dunleavy is going to leaving the Clippers. How ironic!

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I had just read something today about Larry Brown contacting the Clippers off of another website. No coach, no gm. Larry Brown gets full power next year?

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thats whats probably going

thats whats probably going to happen.

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That's crazy... I just read

That's crazy... I just read the article about Larry Brown possibly taking over for the Clippers next season too. Next thing you know, I see "Clippers cut ties with Dunleavy as GM" at the bottom of ESPN.

IF Larry Brown comes to the Clippers and is given total control, can he turn it around both on the court and in the front office? I mean, Larry Brown is a great coach and the Clippers have a lot of talent. I'm excited about this possibility. He won't take any BS and instantly start holding the players accountable.

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