Chinese League

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Chinese League

A couple of days ago someone posted about how well Demarr Johnson and Starbury were doing in China. I just read a Yahoo article on Antoine Walker playing in Puerto Rico and the story had a link to the stats in the Chinese league.

Demarr Johnson--19.9pts 5.8reb
Starbury--23.3pts 6.1reb 9.8ast

Those may seem like good stats until you look at some of the other guys who play in the league:

Stromile Swift--21.5pts 12.1reb 3blk

John Lucas--26.9pts 4reb 4.6ast

Charles Gaines--30.7pts 11reb 2.1stl

Rodney White--28.5pts 9.3reb 4ast

Andre Brown--20.1pts 11.7reb 1.8stl

Andre Emmett--31pts 7.6reb 3.5ast

Donnell Harvey--24.3pts 12.4reb 2.5ast

Tim Pickett--28.5pts 6.3reb 4.3ast 2.5stl

Chris Williams--25.1pts 9.8reb 3.7ast 4.1stl

Corsley Edwards--29.3pts 8.3reb 2.7ast

And so on...

I have no idea who Tim Pickett and Corsley Edwards are but their numbers are the same if not better than DeMarr and Starbury. It is clear that numbers are inflated over there.

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If I remembered right, and I

If I remembered right, and I dont know if the rules have changed, non-Chinese players are actually not allowed to play the whole game, I think they can play 3 quarters maximum, and each team can only have 2 non-Chinese players, and they cannot be on the court at the same time for more than 2 quarters, or something like that. But non-Chinese players usually stay until the game ends when they comes in, and they would get the ball every possession. So yea, those numbers are definitely not a good estimate of their abilities
btw if you guys are interested, Yao averaged 32 and 19 in his final season in the Chinese league
and Yi averaged 25 and 11 in his final year.

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any league where Andre

any league where Andre Emmett can drop 71 points needs help

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I remember Corsley Edwards.

I remember Corsley Edwards. He played for Central Connecticut State, and was the main attraction at the first college basketball game that I ever attended; he was dominant. Last year, Bonzi Wells was going crazy in the CBA, until he was released from the team for going on an extended vacation:

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