larry bird & magic johnson

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larry bird & magic johnson

watching magic & bird a courtship of rivals. its a very good documentary on the rivalry and career of 2 of the best players ever. its on hbo and it helps make more of magic vs bird to a younger guy like me. so if u get a chance check it out.

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never will there be players like them

they always say there will never be another Mike but Magic was a 6 foot 9 guy that can play any position on the court and was a full time pg. If a guy that big can pass in this day and age he is call a point forward. Magic was a sick passer and showman. Bird was a sick shooter maybe the greatest ever he he showed up to the 3 point contest and called the win twice and won it. He was clutch the man can play some ball 6 foot 8 white boy not athletic but killed players like Nique who had way more athleticism than him. He was just such a smart player man. These two started being rivals in college when the played in the NCAA chip game. BIrd led little Indian State and Magic Michigan State.

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