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I'm not a fan of the possession arrow. Why can't they just do jump ball?

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I remember reading somewhere

I remember reading somewhere that they instituted it because there was a tendancy of size disadvantages between teams. It has its good and bads. I hate that it sometimes doesn't reward great defense, but on the other hand, it allows some great strategies at the end of games.

I would like to see it go though.

I also read that college refs had a hard time throwing the ball straight up. That just sounds ridiculous though.

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I would also very much like

I would also very much like to see defense rewarded for great play - in certain situations i'd like to see tie-ups just go to the defensive players team period

i also think the NBA should institute the 1 and 1

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I would love to see the NBA

I would love to see the NBA institute the 1 and 1 it would add so much more to the game. Though, the hard part would be when 1 and 1 begins as well as the double bonus.

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