Charles Garcia

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Charles Garcia

I have never heard of this guy but I just saw where he declared for the draft. He is a 6'10 junior from Seattle University..

Will he get drafted and why has he already decided to enter??

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U have been on this site and

U have been on this site and never heard of him? Earlier this year everyone was talking about him. Alot of people thought(or think) he is better than Craig Brackins. I don't know very much about him either other than he played decent against normal D1 schools ala Washington and Oregon St I believe.

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He was a Pac 10 recruit who

He was a Pac 10 recruit who couldn't qualify academically for Washington so he followed Cameron Dollar to Seattle University. Some people got all excited when what was essentially a Pac 10 talent put up monstrous numbers at a provisional D1 school that played largely mid-major and low-major opposition. He jumped up boards on draft sites who apparently didn't think that there might be some spurious variable in a guy who averaged 12 points at Redlands CC on a solid Juco squad hanging 25 per for a month on a bad D1 team. Apparently, once NBA scouts went to see him they realized that there really wasn't anything special there. I'm not saying he is a non-prospect, but sometimes people get silly with hyping players who nobody heard of before.

For a guy who, if history is any indication, isn't all that interested in school, going pro is a good decision even if he goes in the 2nd and has to play in either the D-League or Europe. Spending a year in Italy or France would do far more to grow his game than spending another year against lesser college competition.

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I still haven't seen him

I still haven't seen him play, but i hear great things. He just another one of those super versatile guys that can play multiple positions, and does each of them well. DraftExpress called him a cross between Andray Blatche & Lamar Odom, and this site compares him to Dominic McGuire.

Like I said, I havent seen him play, so my word is just as good as yours, but being the star athlete at an almost unkown school can have its benefits, but i guess you just gotta see how he pans out in the combine & stuff

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I agree that it does indicate he is not interested in school then this is the right move. As for him getting drafted I think he will be a 2nd round pick. How good he'll be in the NBA, we can only wait and see.

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for a late 2nd rounder to be

for a late 2nd rounder to be the first to declare for the draft. He must be confident.

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This site is right on the

This site is right on the money with the Dominic McGuire comparison. He'll be a 2nd round pick more than likely.

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I think considering he size

I think considering he size and athleticism, if he wow them in workouts. He could be early second or maybe late 1st and nowadays early second is just a good a gurantee as 1st round is.

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the p word

Scout fell in love with him because he can handle the ball at his size and make plays.
Yes it is at a low level of competition but his skill set is interesting.
If he was at a big time program he would be in the 1st round. Athletic size and ball handing that is potential at every any level. That said he will be a second round player he doesn't have it all together yet, he is a project that may take 3 years if he pans out. If I was him I would have left to his stock is as high as it is ever going to be at that school.

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