why do white players today stink?

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why do white players today stink?

how has the white player digressed so much over the years?

they have gone from great players like jerry west, bob cousy,rudy t, havlicek, bird, mikan, etc. to dunleavy, kaman, mike miller, troy murphy, hinrich etc. .(europeans like nowitzki and gasol dont count)

any thoughts?

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David Lee stinks?? Kaman?

David Lee stinks?? Kaman? lol..

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Nash, David Lee, Kaman,

Nash, David Lee, Kaman, Love, Brad Miller, Buddinger and Heinrich are very good players, add Bird Man and 2 or 3 guys on the pacers team and you still get very good players....

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Dirk? ... anybody?

Dirk? ... anybody?

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Why do you care so much

Why do you care so much about hygiene?

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^^haha..nice one ojj!

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Because after Joel Pryzbilla

Because after Joel Pryzbilla hurt himself in the shower they decided to stay stinky, and not risk injuries.

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Could it have anything to do

Could it have anything to do with the whole segregation thing that was going on back in the day??

I mean when Bird played, he was like the only white guy that was truly great.. Alot of them were good role players but not out right superstars like Bird..

White players are the minority in the NBA now and that is why there are more great black players because there are more black players in the league.

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its not just basketball

a lot sports these days are dominated with black players. Besides hockey, golf, tennis.

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Blazerfan, think you left

Blazerfan, think you left out baseball...

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nash is canadian . && was born in south africa . so technically he's a black canadian .

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Steve nash isnt a black

Steve nash isnt a black Canadian. Lots of people in south Africa are english settlers, Like steve nash's family.

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If that was a statement to be funny than yes. but if that is a real point you are trying to use in this i dont know what to say. smh.

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I like how white Europeans

I like how white Europeans and South Americans don't count as white guys anymore

technically Kobe was born in Italy so does he not count as a black guy anymore, lol

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That was ridiculous

That was ridiculous Tonydaboss77 LOL....He said Steve Nash was technically black. Wow.

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i think it was a joke but

i think it was a joke but technically Steve Nash is an African American though who hails from Canada. Also I think white people have found other sports to be good at since athletic black players dominate a great portion of the NBA. It may be a while for the league to find the next great white player but i mean they have a lot of solid ones. Also with European player being so much better, I think they may have hurt white players more than there being a ton of black players that are more athletic. You can find better shooter and fundamental type players in Europeans and some are even athletic so if you had a choice of say Morrison or Nowitski than you would choose nowitski and you would be right. That is why you may see a lot of good white player go overseas for a bit and come back to the states with a refined game and be more NBA ready.

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Yes, he's African American

Yes, he's African American technically....but he said BLACK.

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rotimi... a couple of those

rotimi... a couple of those guys you really coulda left off. they hurt ur argument more than they help it. brad miller? really?

blazerfan... golf? tiger woods isn't black? ok.

joewolf... kobe was born in US. the family moved to italy when he was young. pls check your facts first

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