Richard Jefferson

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Richard Jefferson

When the Spurs traded for him, a lot of people thought it was a move that'd put them among the elite. He was supposed to be that athletic slashing wing that they'd never had. It hasn't worked out.

He's currently averaging 12 points... The lowest since his rookie season. He's not getting to the free-throw line like he used to... He's averaging 3.4 attempts per game, which is also the lowest since his rookie season. Majority of his stats across the board are the lowest since his rookie season.

Tonight vs Cleveland, without LeBron James, he only made one field goal and had three points. What happened to him? A couple of seasons ago he was averaging 23 points per game.

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He does not seem to be a

He does not seem to be a player that plays well in the Spurs style or he may be think too much and if he just lets the game come to him he should be alright.

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