Report: Iverson facing trouble

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Report: Iverson facing trouble

Multiple NBA sources say Allen Iverson is facing alcohol and gambling issues that have derailed his career and threaten his post-basketball well-being, Stephen A. Smith of the Philadelphia Inquirer reports in a column published Monday.

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Allen Iverson played only 25 games for the 76ers before stepping away for the season.
According to multiple NBA sources, there is widespread concern that the four-time NBA scoring champion, who left the Philadelphia 76ers in February to deal with his daughter's illness and will not return this season, "will either drink himself into oblivion or gamble his life away," Smith reported.

Iverson's gambling problem is serious enough that he has been banished from casinos in Detroit and Atlantic City, N.J., according to Smith.

The report comes as Iverson is dealing with significant personal problems.

Iverson's wife Tawana filed for divorce on March 4, the same day the Philadelphia 76ers announced that the All-Star guard would not return for the rest of the season. In the divorce filing, made at Fulton County Superior Court in Atlanta, Tawana Iverson said the couple's 8½-year marriage is "irretrievably broken" and sought full custody of the family's five children, child support and alimony.

Iverson, who played 25 games for the Sixers this season, returned to Atlanta in February to be with his family and deal with an undisclosed illness affecting his 4-year-old daughter, Messiah.

Smith, who has covered Iverson closely for years, wrote in Monday's column that Iverson needs someone with "the ideal combination of compassion and toughness" in his life. And former Temple coach John Chaney said that person is John Thompson, Iverson's former college coach at Georgetown.

"[Thompson] is the one guy who'll have a chance of slowing this train wreck down, who could wrap his arms around Iverson and have an impact, because clearly it has not been done," Chaney said, according to Smith. "But there's still this one question: Will [Iverson] listen?"

Iverson started the season with the Memphis Grizzlies but only played three games, amid disagreements over playing time, before announcing a short-lived retirement. He signed the 76ers as a free agent in December, making a tearful return to the city where he spent his first 10½ seasons, won four scoring titles, earned the 2000-01 MVP award and led the Sixers to the 2001 NBA Finals.

Iverson was traded to the Denver Nuggets in 2006 and played for the Nuggets through 2008, when he was dealt to the Detroit Pistons.

From espn home page if u want to see it

Johnny Kilroy
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Never understood

why a guy with millions of dollars would gamble. Iverson had to have made close to 100 million during his playing days- take out taxes and he had to have around 50-60 million. I understand there's a thrill that comes with gambling, but how excited could someone like Iverson get winning say $500,000 at a Casino.

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i hate to hear this but

i hate to hear this but stuff like this happens all the time. antoine walker is bankrupt for blowing his money. charles barkley has a well documented gambling career. atleast barkley is a tv personality and can still make money. but there are always a few athletes that cant help themselves and blow it. i cant stand it. i wish i had the talent to make 2000 dollars a month overseas and these superstars waste talent and money. i mean ben roethlisberger just got accused of sexual assault for the second time. why would u put yourself in that situation again? not everyone can be tom brady or peyton manning or tim duncan but everyone should be grown enough to not blow their money or chances. i hope allen can get his life together and i hope his daughter is alright.

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Yeah, rich people and

Yeah, rich people and gambling have never made sense to me...I thought the purpose of gambling was to get rich, Like Kilroy said, say Iverson wins 500K, wheres the thrill in that? Especially when you know you got en even bigger paycheck coming in soon...

And Boy, Ever since that trade to the Pistons Iversons career has been heading down, down, down...

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His career has gone down

His career has gone down ever since he left Philly the 1st time, not since he played for Detroit lol.

But me and my dad met Michael Curry who was the Pistons head coach last year, and I asked him about how Iverson was off the court. He pretty much said things like he would have a groups of "friends (if that's what you want to all them)" that he'd go gamble with until the wee hours in the morning the day before games, he'd go to clubs and get drunk and show up hung over to film study, and he came to practice whatever time he felt like it (lol). Curry said he couldn't get control of the team because all of them knew the ropes, we're stubborn veterans and wouldn't except their roles, despite him trying to help all of their key role players by letting them have easy roles to keep their legs during the season and be their best. He said Iverson and (to my surprise) Rip Hamilton were the biggest party animals on the team and were the least respective to coaching. I hope Iverson gets it together though. I don't wish what he's going through on anybody.

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Its the thrill of winning

With rich people and gambling its not all about the money you make its about the thrill of winning I live in vegas and I see it all the time its like a rush of adrenaline when you win no matter how much money you are playing with I have seen people playing 5 dollars a hand st black jack act like they won a million bucks thats what I think it is with these millionaires they like the thrill of winning the money.

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yal have to understand

yal have to understand iverson daughter is very sick he have taken to the best doctors in the state and they have no response to her sickness so he drinks and gamble to calm to clear his mind im not saying is right but picture yourself if your daughter was like that

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That'd make a lot of sense if Iverson wasn't gambling and drinking before his daughter got sick.

I wish Iverson AND his family the best though.

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