Point Guards will be the deepest position in the league very soon

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Point Guards will be the deepest position in the league very soon

I have been saying this a lot lately just from looking at all the young points guards who are leaders on there team and certain incoming ones,since the SG position is gettin watered in talent,PF's are gettin older and Centers are just ugh now. Small forwards are deep but the PG's are becoming team leaders 1st or 2nd options almost every season now...if you look at it the young dominant pg's in the league right now Cp3,D-Will,Derrick Rose,Rondo,Westbrook,Aaron Brooks,Devin Harris n Stuckey then you have the rookies from this class Curry,Flynn,Tyreke,Jennings,Collison,Jrue is learning rapidly and rookie pg from Dallas has been showing great flashes I just want to see if any one could agree with me on this.

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I agree. And wait until the

I agree. And wait until the John Wall's and Brandon Knight's of the world play in the NBA

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I was gonna say SF's with

I was gonna say SF's with Lebron, Mello, Durant, Granger, Pierce, Deng, Wilson Chandler, Gerald Wallace, Gay
However some of these guys have dropped Artest, Turkoglu, Tmac, Maggette, Josh Howard, RJ, Peja
You do have possibly 5 of the top players in the league at SF w/ Lebron, Mello, Durant, Granger & Pierce.

I can see how Pg's are going to be deeper though esp. after this past draft.

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I think PG already the best

I think PG already the best & Deepest position in the league

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i agree khaled

almost every team in league execpt pacers,knicks and heat have a good pg......

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Wallace is better than

Wallace is better than Pierce, NYK2010 btw. At least to me I think he is.

CP3, D-Will, Wall, Rose, Evans, Westbrook, Harris, Jennings, Curry, Mo, Rondo, Brooks, Conley Jr., Lawson, Flynn, Stuckey, Bayless, Felton, Nelson.

LeBron, Durant, Melo, Ariza, Granger, Pierce, Wallace, Iguodala, Chandler, Gallo, Thornton, Batum, Fernandez, Beasley, Casspi, Gay, Deng.

Pretty close to me.

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