cj henry

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cj henry

does anybody know much about his game? or if he plans to stay at ku after xavier leaves?

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hes played 71 minutes this

hes played 71 minutes this year..i dont think anyone knows much about his game

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C.J. was away from the game

C.J. was away from the game for three years, and then got hurt when he was at Memphis. This was really his first full year back since 2005. Does anyone really believe that being away from organized basketball for four years is nothing? He got his feet wet this year on the best team in the country, and even though he has been banged upon again was at least able to get a couple minutes early on. I have no reason to believe a guy with his natural athletic gifts won't get it back. He will probably get a more consistent role next year. The guy is still only 23 years old. It isn't like he is dramatically older than this teammates, and if Xavier leaves that just means there would be more minutes for him to battle for next year.

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Cj has a very good outside

Cj has a very good outside shot, and is very quick. He isn't as big or strong as his brother but although not a great defender right now, gets in the passing lanes well and can run the break. He can certainly score in bunches, he plays an Eddie House type of role for KU when he does get in, but like you said, bothteamsplayedhard, he has been away from basketball for a while and I'm sure as he plays more it will be easier for him to find minutes. Their father called CJ and Xavier one and done players before the season started, but I have seen nothing from CJ to think he would be drafted this year. I really don't know what his plans are involving Kansas next year, but their dad seems like kind of a stage dad, he threatened to withdraw their enrollement when the Kansas City Star( which is not even in the same city as KU nor has any ties to the university) published a negative article about the two as far as "one and done players" prior to the season.

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he was never considered to

he was never considered to become a very good college player. even back when he graduated hs he wasnt gonna be much diffrent then most college starters at best

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