Most Underrated Coach

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Most Underrated Coach

Alvin Gentry. Obviously he is much better than terry porter( not even a maybe). Ill even go as far as saying he is better than Dantoni here is why

He follows the same Dantoni system on offense run and gun, pick and roll Amare and Nash , 3pt shooters to spread floor
But i think he utilizes his bench more . He will start Lopez even though Frye is better but it works because they need offense when Nash and Amare go to the bench. He is good with distributing minutes and watching his match ups instead of saying" this is my starting 5 and we are not changing"

When needed he will go to the zone defense which Dantoni never did.

Also he doesnt micro manage the game. He knows he has the best point guard in the game and the best finishing power forward in the game so he doenst have to manage every step. Sometimes i see him hand the clipboard to Nash. Thats being a smart manager.

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im not exactly sure if he is

im not exactly sure if he is better than dantoni, all he is doing is copying dantonis style and adding a little defense. He doesnt hand the clipboard to Nash. Nash takes it from him and says this is what we should do. He is a good coach but i think Scott Brooks is the most underrated coach in the NBA

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Gentry is alright and he

Gentry is alright and he plays his bench more cause he has too and D antoni is not without his faults but I would still give him the edge but I think Gentry could be on the verge of overtaking him if he can continue to take what he is good at and what D antoni is good and and combine them.

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