You're Jazz GM Kevin O'Connor...

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You're Jazz GM Kevin O'Connor...

Though the Jazz refused to consider any deal involving Boozer at the trade deadline due to their terrific success, I think it is still widely accepted that Utah will let him go this summer. They have a terrific, young PF to whom they've already committed a good deal of money ready to take his spot (Millsap is averaging 17.8 points and 8.6 rebounds in his five starts), and feel that they can use the Knicks' draft pick to sort of compensate for losing Boozer.

But then again...

The 3 teams currently ahead of Utah in the West (LA, Dallas, Denver) have just about their entire rosters locked in for next year, while teams like Oklahoma City and Portland will certainly only get better. Also, one must consider that Jerry Sloan cannot have more than a few good years left in him, and Deron Williams hinted after the Brewer trade, for the first time, that he might not be so quick to sign another extension when the time comes. What I'm getting at here is, should the Jazz bite the bullet and re-sign Boozer?

Personally, I wouldn't, because the Jazz I believe have an even better record with Millsap in the lineup, though he rarely starts. But the Jazz look to have a payroll hovering around $55 million next year with seven roster spots covered, and by signing Boozer to contract of about $14 million a season, could still potentially have a payroll comfortably lower than LA and Dallas, and still lower than Denver. Imagine if the Jazz re-sign Boozer, and add a guy like Derrick Favors, Wes Johnson - or, hell, the way the Knicks are playing - Evan Turner or DeMarcus Cousins.

Don't they owe it to Sloan? Will the Jazz - and Boozer - be considering this scenario more intently than people think?

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I agree with you, and I have

I agree with you, and I have seen reports saying that Booz will stay for next year. He likes it in Utah, which is surprising to most people. In the summer I would not be saying this, but He is forgiven for his comments then. I believe he has learned that with these economic struggles you cannot ask for a lot of money or no one will want to have you because you cost too much. The only threats to him staying are Miami and Chicago. Hopefully they will go for Amare or Bosh, but we will see come this summer. As for the draft, I'd say draft Johnson, or if we end up in the top 3 then go for Turner. Cousins would not be a good fit, because Sloan would never start hm and that is exactly what Cousins wants. Cousins would work for the Warriors or the Pacers.
They also need to trade Miles for a PF or C. Okur does not have that great of a backup. Fez is developing nicely but they need a more polished center, that can teach Fez more. They could trade Miles for possibly Dampier, Eddy Curry(maybe just sign him, I believe he is a FA and the knicks absolutley detest him.) Or they could trade him for a PF to backup Millsap in case Booz does end up leaving. Maybe Mcdyess or Darrell Arthur or Hakkim Warrick or Beasly(that one, I don't know, his attitude is a little questionable, they should try some one else) Miles should be traded because he is backing up AK, even though he is only 6'5. I have heard so many good things about him, but I have yet to see him show it in games. His good games are too far and between. He is very inconsistent, and I would much rather have a bigger player there as a backup. (Johnson would be perfect)These are my plans and what I hope the jazz will do in the offseason.

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that wasnt the first time

that wasnt the first time dwill has mentioned something like that. he did the same thing when dee brown was let go,. boozer has said he likes it there many different times as well as he's ready to leave so dont take what he says too seriously. its widel known he loves miami as well and that his family is out there. boozer is the only player out of that whole squad who i would rarely see out or playing ball with us during the offseason, his brother is out more then him(hes a pretty good player by the way) and when someone asked him how he liked it here he shruged his shoulders and said " its awight". all this could mean nothing or something, who knows. but he will be able to get much more money out there even with how the economy is going

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