Breaking down the conferences

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Breaking down the conferences

So I went through the last three drafts and looked at players who would still be in college if there were -- heaven forbid -- a four-year rule instead of a one year rule. I placed each player onto a conference "roster" based on the team they could be on.

This list does not include transfers. It does include players who weren't drafted, though I may be missing a few. But more than anything, I think it shows perfectly why the Big 12, Big East and Big Ten are the three strongest leagues this year and the Pac-10 is far-and-away the worst. (Note: Positions were adjusted to fit the rosters better.)


  • PG: Ty Lawson / Jeff Teague
  • SG: Wayne Ellington / Javaris Crittenton
  • SF: Thaddeus Young / Gerald Henderson
  • PF: Tyler Hansbrough / James Johnson
  • C: J.J. Hickson / Brandan Wright 

Big 12:

  • PG: D.J. Augustin
  • SG: Bill Walker
  • SF: Kevin Durant / Darrell Arthur
  • PF: Michael Beasley / Chinemelu Elonu
  • C: Blake Griffin / DeAndre Jordan

Big East:

  • PG: Jonny Flynn
  • SG: Earl Clark / Paul Harris
  • SF: Donte Greene / Dar Tucker
  • PF: DeJuan Blair / DaJuan Summers
  • C: Hasheem Thabeet

Big Ten: 

  • PG: Mike Conley
  • SG: Eric Gordon
  • SF: Daequan Cook
  • PF: Kosta Koufos
  • C: Greg Oden / B.J. Mullens


  • PG: Russell Westbrook / Jerryd Bayless / Jrue Holiday
  • SG: O.J. Mayo / DeMar DeRozan / Chase Budinger
  • SF: James Harden / Ryan Anderson / Davon Jefferson
  • PF: Kevin Love / Jordan Hill / Taj Gibson
  • C: Brook Lopez / Spencer Hawes / Robin Lopez


  • PG: Nick Calathes
  • SG: Jodie Meeks
  • SF: Tyler Smith (might not be fair to include him, but they needed a fifth!)
  • PF: Anthony Randolph
  • C: Marreese Speights

Mid-Majors (Only players who were drafted):

  • PG: Derrick Rose / Patrick Mills
  • SG: Stephen Curry
  • SF: Austin Daye / Derrick Brown
  • PF: Walter Sharpe
  • C: JaVale McGee 

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Pac 10

They would kill all others... that is a stacked roster

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PAC 10 would absolutely

PAC 10 would absolutely dominate. the big 12 has a good team but the PAC 10 doesnt have a weak spot. that team would be sick

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The Pac-10 looks like a

The Pac-10 looks like a beastly team. Big 12 is a distant 2nd

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Big ten is pretty much one

Big ten is pretty much one team lol, imagine how good Ohio State would be with all those players, plus their current roster?

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yeah pact 10 would punish.

yeah pact 10 would punish. th pac 10 will be back in the next 2 years

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i concur, the pac ten would

i concur, the pac ten would deff have the strongest all around team. the sec, big ten, and big east aren't too impressive either. i'd take the big 12 second, mainly because of mike beasley and durantula.

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Pac-10 and Big 12:are 2nd

Pac-10 and Big 12:are 2nd but I don't think they are far behind
a team with Griffin&Durant is sick no matter who are the others

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