Brandon Jennings

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Brandon Jennings

Jennings has hit the rookie wall head on but he is still averaging +16 ppg and +6 apg. The only other point guards to finish with these averages this decade are Chris Paul, Derrick Rose, and Steve Francis. He may have finally shot himself out of his slump after his performance Saturday night. He looked like he got his swagger back and if so his stats will only improve.
Do you think that Jennings will be as good (or better) than any of these guys when it's all said and done? Rank' em best to worst .

My Prediction: 1. Derrick Rose- Proven winner at every level; Size of # 4 + Athleticism of # 3 + Speed of # 2
2. Chris Paul- Smarter and more efficient than everyone else.
3. Brandon Jennings- Less efficient more athletic version of # 2.
4. Steve Francis- It's already said and done for him.

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Chris Paul: The way that he

Chris Paul: The way that he can score and pass, not to mention pilfer, all while keeping his turnovers and fouls down the way that he does is simply amazing, especially when you take his size (6'0, 175) into consideration.

Derrick Rose: The most athletic point guard in the league. He needs to extend the range on his shot and improve his defensive awareness, but he has more than enough tools to dominate and time to improve.

Steve Francis: Tremendous athlete, one of the best point guard dunk artists in the history of the game. A bit of a headcase with his shot selection and attitude, which arguably cut his career short.

Brandon Jennings: The jury's still out on him because he's only a rookie. He doesn't take the ball to the hole nearly as often as he should, which will undoubtedly keep his scoring down, and could eventually affect his assists. It's good to see that he has the ability to be a game manager as well as a fast-paced point guard this early in his career, the former being something that he probably picked up playing overseas.

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