Heat Suspend Alston

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Heat Suspend Alston

The Miami Heat announced Saturday night that guard Rafer Alston has made contact with them via text message..Alston failed to show up for practice friday ...And then failed to appear for saturday night's game vs Atlanta..As a result he has been suspended indefinitely..Alston had been upset after losing his starting spot to Carlos Arroyo.The Heat signed him Jan. 7.He had started 25 games for the Heat with averages of 6 points & 3 assists..

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Thats pretty immature from

Thats pretty immature from one of the leagues vets, but averaging 6 & 3 as a starter...he should of seen it coming. And then to contact them by a text message, lol....

The Heat have a serious dilemma at the point guard spot, and Dwyane Wade knows it..If the Heat miss the playoffs I can easily see Dwyane Wade leaving town to share a backcourt with Derrick Rose in his hometown of Chicago..

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wow. alston loses his

wow. alston loses his starting spot so he just doesnt show up for work without even telling anyone until after its over. if the team feels that you would be better off the bench then thats just what happens. pitiful

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Doesnt matter Arroya, and

Doesnt matter Arroya, and Chalmers are better he shouldnt of been starting even though Chalmers is having a bad year hes done way better than Alston has this season.

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Yeah you pull that stuff

Yeah you pull that stuff when you are a kid making like $6 an hour. Not a grown man making millions. And kind of a coward to do it via text. Lame

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