Devan Downey

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Devan Downey

He had another great game against Vanderbilt today. He has been playing great all year, especially against the great teams. Do y'all think he will get drafted, and if y'all think he will, at what spot do you see him going in the draft.

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He won't get drafted. Underwhelming shooter/volume scorer. No knock on him, he has had a great college career. He just isn't an NBA draft guy. I see him getting an invite to play summer league somewhere, but I just don't see him sticking yet. Maybe down the road some. But that's just me...

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hemight get drafted in the

hemight get drafted in the late second round. thats where no onehas a good track record withwhowill get picked. u just neverknow once it gets to the middle of the second round

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