vs ga. tech

watching this one on my computer and i must say va tech is very good and i think will be a dangerous team to play in the tournament.i thought this before when maryland barely beat them. ga tech just isnt as good as there ranking had showed earlier in the season. they are lucky they played some cupcakes or they might have missed the dance. and truth be told its possible that they will still miss the dance. there is some good potential on the team but other then gani no one really stands out. and gani doesnt always stand out either. on the va tech side this delaney kid gets buckets. peopel talk about the jimmi kid from byu but this kid does the same thing in a better conference while being taller. i should have known he was good since he is from maryland:) no the best of three point shooters but he can score

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Tech is NIT bound if they

Tech is NIT bound if they don't win at least 1 ACC tourny game. And Hewitt will be fired if they play in the NIT. They have been a big disappointment.

And I agree about Delaney. He plays like CJ Watson to me

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they were just talking about

they were just talking about them at halftime. they all say with this win they are in because they will be 10-6 in the acc and 23-9 overall which is good enough to get in in the acc

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