2010 the Draft of the Shot Blockers

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2010 the Draft of the Shot Blockers

JaJuan Johnson 6-10  208

Cole Aldrich 6-11  245

Ekpe Udoh 6-10  240

Hassan Whiteside 7-0  235

Jarvis Varnado 6-9  210

Ed Davis 6-9  225

Jerome Jordan 7-0  245

Larry Sanders 6-10  235

Solomon Alabi 7-1  251

Magnum Rolle 6-10  220 

All of these players are ranked in the top 50 in the NCAA in blocks per game.

It seems this draft is loaded with long/athletic shot blocking PF/Cs  

So give your awards for this group of players.

Here are the awards:

Best Shot Blocker-

Best Offensive Game-

Best Low Post Defender-

Best Perimeter Defender-

Best Jumpshooter-

Best Passer-

Highest IQ-

Best Transition Player-

Best Half-Court Player-

Best Rebounder-

Who gets drafted highest-

Who ends up being the best NBA player- 

Who won't make it in the NBA- 

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Here are the awards:Best

Best Shot Blocker- Hassan Whiteside

Best Offensive Game- Ekpe Udoh

Best Low Post Defender- Ed Davis

Best Perimeter Defender- Magnum Rolle or JaJuan Johnson

Best Jumpshooter- Hassan Whiteside can hit the 3

Best Passer- Cole Aldrich

Highest IQ- Cole Aldrich or Javis Varnado

Best Transition Player- Hassan Whiteside

Best Half-Court Player- Cole Aldrich.. the dude is tailor made to play half court lol

Best Rebounder- Hassan Whiteside or Cole Aldrich

Who gets drafted highest- Hassan Whiteside

Who ends up being the best NBA player- Hassan Whiteside

Who won't make it in the NBA- Magnum Rolle has a great chance of not being drafted.

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it would be nice if these

it would be nice if these drafts with shot blockers were alsp real good offensive players.this is like the 4th year in the past 10 years of some good shot blockers that arent that good on offense

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Best Shot Blocker - Jarvis

Best Shot Blocker - Jarvis Varnado
Whiteside averages about .5 more per game, but Varnado plays in a power conference and has proven himself over and over again throughout his career.

Best Offensive Game - James Anderson
Just looks like a pro. Such a refined and dynamic offensive repertoire.

Best Low Post Defender - Varnado

Best Perimeter Defender - Elliot Williams
He's highly regarded as a scorer, but is also a very tenacious defender with great instincts.

Best Jumpshooter - Jon Scheyer
Averaging nearly three trey balls a game on 40% shooting.

Best Passer- Andy Rautins
Just watch him play.

Highest IQ - Sherron Collins
Seemingly plays perfect game after perfect game.

Best Transition Player -

Best Half-Court Player - Evan Turner
The ULTIMATE half-court player. A top-notch ball handler, has the vision of a point guard with the size of a prototypical NBA small forward, takes the ball to the basket fearlessly, and can finish in a variety of ways.

Best Rebounder - Damion James
The Big 12's all-time rebounding leader and only 6-7.

Who gets drafted highest (as in, higher than they should be drafted?) - Devin Ebanks
He's big, he's long, but really, what does he bring to the table?

Who ends up being the best NBA player - DeMarcus Cousins
I'm sorry, but if the kid keeps his head on his shoulders, he's a perennial All-Star. 6-11/270 and averaging 16-10 in just 23 mpg at age 19? Are you kidding?

Who won't make it in the NBA - Cole Aldrich
If Hasheem Thabeet averaged notably more points, rebounds and blocks his junior year at UConn, and is 4 inches taller than Aldrich - and is currently in the D-League - well, what does that say about Aldrich's potential as an NBA center?

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Varnado has the ncaa record

Varnado has the ncaa record for blocks its kind of hard to not have him as the best shot blocker

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sammybuckeye- I was talking
sammybuckeye- I was talking about giving the awards just out of the 10 players I had listed.  But thanks for your input.
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